About Us

Recycled Timber Factory is a family owned and run business based in Boolaroo in the Lake Macquarie region specialising in Recycled Australian Native Hardwoods which we mill onsite.

We offer an extensive range of recycled hardwood products from stunning custom made furniture pieces through to architectural posts and beams and furniture grade timbers for the D.I.Yer and tradesperson.

Our WokenWood range of custom designed and made furniture is lovingly handcrafted by our small team of furniture makers that all share a common passion for recycled timbers. The stock that we use in our furniture is primarily recycled railway and bridge timbers. The already beautiful colour and grain configurations, typical of Australian native hardwoods are enhanced by years of weathering. This coupled with the black staining, the result of tannins in the timber reacting with the metal bolts and dog spikes creates something that is totally unique. The milling and joining process of these timbers is very labour intensive and extremely hard on machinery but the end product is our justification. There is nothing quite like standing back and admiring a completed piece, the blood sweat and tears are quickly forgotten!

When working with timber that is full of imperfections detail is paramount, our attention to detail is second to none. We have a philosophy at RTF that perfection is something that is never really achieved but by striving for it in each and every piece we make ensures excellence. Perfection the action or process of improving something until it is faultless


To arrange a free quotation, please call us on   (02) 4956 5450